Care with a personal touch

House C

24-hr care

Our large home has 8 bedrooms, offering 24 hour care, with 2 staff on at all times. Although there are no nursing staff on site, residents who require support get daily visits from bureau nursing agencies.
House A

Daytime Support
24 hr sleepover.

Our smaller home has one carer at all times (sleepover at night) who provides assistance with cooking, personal hygiene, outings and activities. It's a fun, caring, nurturing homely environment.
Paulownia Trust

Daily Life

Frequently asked questions

Are you able to provide medical treatment?
We do not have registered nurses at Paulownia, but we do administer prescribed medications.

Do you have any registered nurses?
No, but residents do receive visits from nursing bureaux as required.

Is your team vaccinated?
Yes all staff and residents are fully vaccinated. All staff are also police checked.
  • “I’m living my 
    best life ever”

  • “I get to go to lots of 
    sporting events”

  • “The homes are nice and I like 
    the colour of my room”

  • “The staff look after me 
    and help me”

  • “We have celebrations 
    and I help”

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